Reinforced Concrete Detailing and Estimation

LSBtemerity believes in raising the bar. In the construction industry, every step is of great importance and only the best can be trusted with the delicate job. Our impeccable track record has made us the one-stop destination for state-of-art Reinforced Concrete Detailing and Estimation for construction companies, structural engineers, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, and general contractors. We have a big pool of highly qualified and vastly experienced Rebar detailing engineers who have a great command over art and craft of Rebar Shop Drawings and Bar Bending Schedules (BBS). Our clients are a happy lot because we make sure that our Rebar Engineering team coordinates with the clients’ technical engineers regularly at the site to resolve every issue and clarify all queries. It’s not just the accuracy of our projects that has made us so popular among the clients; it’s also our ethical and transparent way of functioning too. We have made big strides in this industry in a short time and have succeeded in finishing every type of detailing job with our knowledge, skill, experience, and talent.


Our services include

  • Detailing and Estimation
  • Bar Lists & Releases in Customized Formats
  • As Built Drawings
  • Bar Bending Schedules

Commercial Building

Medical & Hospital Buildings

Office Buildings

Schools & Administrative Buildings

Multi Storey Parking Garages

High Rise Residential & Mixed-Use Buildings

Bridges & Highway Structures

Water Treatment Plants

Shopping Malls

Structural Engineering Design and Analysis

LSBtemerity is a brand name in the field of structural engineering design and analysis consultancy. Our client base extends across the India our network is only expanding, that too rapidly. We deliver various engineering designs and Steel detailing services to hundreds of fabricators and contractors across India and courtesy our high-quality engineering skills, we are all set to add more associates from other continents. We have designed complex connections and checked applicable members sizes. Our shining profile also includes designing a whole array of  Steel structures including platforms, staircases, railings, pipe racks, and canopies. We have vast experience and expertise in designing buildings and other structures made of any material. Basically, you name it and we can build it and build it better than others. Adhering to our ethical and transparent work culture norms, all design and analysis are performed to meet ASCE, IS and IBC codes, latest editions and applicable material specific design codes and standards.


We offer Structural Engineering services for:

Industrial platforms

Industrial process plants

Petrochemical plants

Commercial Buildings

Mixed use Buildings


Hook-up Structures (Lifting Analysis)

Shelters with and without Cranes

Our services include

  • Structural Steel Design and Analysis
  • Structural Connection Design
  • Design Sketches & Connection detail drawings
  • 3D Steel Structure Modelling
  • Peer review services
  • Value engineering services
  • Alternate material design checks
  • Preliminary engineering consultation
  • Design development services
  • Design-Build or Design-bid-build engineering services
  • Construction drawings services
  • Co-ordination of drawings services
  • Shoring and formwork design services

Structural Steel Connection Design

LSBtemerity is a brand name in the field of structural steel detailing but it’s not the only industry where we have attained a commanding stature. Our company also offers structural steel connection designservices and work with major fabricators around the globe on their connection design needs. We collaborate with everyone from steel fabricators to construction managers and general contractors. Our connection design team is a bunch of passionate, smart and hardworking professionals. We have experienced structural engineers and project managers who can provide connection design services for industrial, commercial and many other different structures within a short span of time and with optimal accuracy.

You can bank on the experience and expertise of our team members. The connection alternatives provided by us will help you with the safest, most economical, and structurally efficient connections. We keep innovating and use the latest technologies to deliver the best results. Our experienced design engineers and detailers do thorough research and regularly develop new methodologies to improve work processes and deliverables that enhance the output using cutting edge 3D model technology.


Connection Design Services

  • Structural Connection Drawings
  • Structural Analysis
  • Designs as per ASD, LRFD and IS Standards
  • Stair and railing design (Engineering and stamped calculations for connections)
  • Beam-Beam Connections
  • Beam-Column Connections
  • Column splice designs
  • Moment, Axial, Bracing (Horizontal and vertical) and other lateral connections
  • Complex Truss Connections
  • Special connections per project requirement.
  • Detailed Calculations along with Complete Report (Will also include every supporting Table, Connection Sketches, Mapping and Calculation Reports)

Connection Design Experience

Commercial & Residential Buildings

Architectural Buildings

Structural Renovations


Industrial Structures Revamping

Industrial (Power, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Energy, Support Structures, Process Building

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Design and Detailing Services

Talk of Pre-engineered metal building design and detailing services, and you immediately think of LSBtemerity. That’s our reputation. We have progressed by leaps and bounds over the years buoyed by our stellar work. Today, we are considered a world leader, thanks to our strong foothold in the international market. Our customer-first approach has won us many clients. When it comes to Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and Hybrid Structures designing and detailing, we work on projects that include both simple and highly complex ones. Our structural and PEMB/PEB design and detailing teams make for a winning combination.  Their execution is par excellence. To sum it up, we can design, detail, certify, stamp or seal drawings for PEMB/PEB or any other combination of services and are immensely proud of our versatility.


Aircraft Hangars



Agriculture Building

Commercial and Retail Centres

Gas stations

Railway Platform Shelters


Cold Form Structures

Designing,Detailing & Estimation of Bridges

Our team of bridge engineers is capable of designing all types of bridges from small culverts to huge structures. We provide Steel design, Steel detailing and modeling services for vehicular, pedestrian, and prefabricated bridge by utilizing specialized structural design software. Our solutions focus on delivering designs that are safe, sustainable and cost-effective while keeping in line with the client’s requirements. We have successfully completed multiple projects from various geographies that also include Underpasses, Overpasses, Interchanges, Retaining Walls, Approaches, Entry & Exit Ramps, etc.

  • Designing & Detailing for all types of  Bridges
  • Quantity Estimation, Tunnel and Bridge Modelling
  • General Arrangement Drawings, Shop and Form Work Drawings
  • Ancillary Buildings, Pump Houses, Technical Rooms, Escape Routes etc. – Analysis and Design